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People from all over the world participate in your studies


Researchers manage their own participant pool and together with colleagues from all over the world grow together a common participant pool. In this way, participants can participate in more studies and it becomes more easily to find participants who match one's own participant criteria. 

Expose your study to a private circle of people, just your seminar, your university or the whole world - you control everything.

Manage your Participants

  • Manage your own participant pool
  • Interact directly with your participants with e-marketing tools
  • Let our system automatically pay out payments to your participants
  • Connect with participants from other universities
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Your E-Health & Business Apps


Have you developed an application in one of these 5 field? And are your scientific findings published in peer reviewed journals?

  • Diagnostic Applications
  • Training Applications
  • Treatment Applications
  • Prevention Applications
  • Rehabilitation Applications

If you would like to make your application accessable to the public, just click on the button "Create Your Product" and log into TunHub.

Publish Papers & Commercialize your results

Congratulations! You did it. You put years into solving a specific problems. Make your findings available for the public with a mouse click.


Our system is designed in a way that you can commercialize your findings right out of your research area and publish it in our shop. Since shop and research area are in the same system, data from the product use flow back into your research - helping you improving your solution while helping you earn money for your studies.



If you just want to publish your findings in a paper, you can do that too. Connect your survey with your paper "template" and see your data create beautiful graphs and charts. You can publish your paper afterwards globally for free, grant access only to a previously specified group or sell access to the results in the shop.